Steve & Debbie Russell's Telescope Clinic

Upcoming Events

Friday August 9  Chick-fil-A Noblesville SR 37
Saturday August 10  Upper Wabash Interpretive Services, Salamonie Lake
Saturday August 24  Summit Lake State Park
Saturday August 31  Versailles State Park

Beginning late October: Jupiter no longer well-placed for evening viewing
Beginning mid November: Saturn no longer well-placed for evening viewing
Saturday June 20  Tippecanoe River State Park
Saturday July 25  Tippecanoe River State Park
Saturday August 22  Tippecanoe River State Park

 Contact us about your event!

Stargazing events are weather dependent.

We also provide stargazing opportunities to scouts, school groups, and camps for some really special kids, etc., etc., etc.

You get more “eyepiece time” if you invite us to your event, small or large.  Darker locations usually permit seeing “faint fuzzies” (star clusters, nebulae, and far-away galaxies), but bright, city events are limited to the Moon and bright planets.

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