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Timings of visible satellite flyovers
Heavens Above
select location, then bookmark
Click ISS for a 10-day list of opportunities to watch the International Space Station
Click Daily Predictions for Brighter Satellites for a list of other visible satellite flyovers

Two astro-stores we use
OPT Corp. Oceanside Photo in California
Astronomics in Oklahoma

Your weight on other worlds, your age on other worlds, and a link to a solar system model

Sky conditions for stargazing
Clear Sky Charts for Indiana

Dark sky finder, Google map with light pollution overlay

Jshine dark sky finder

Institute for Creation Research

Does distant starlight prove the Universe is old?
Answers in Genesis

Dr. Walter T. Brown's excellent book, “In the Beginning”
Creation Science

A discussion of cosmological theories
Big Bang Theory

Dr. Halton Arp’s interesting information on cosmology
Dr. Halton Arp
News and information on the Sun-Earth environment
Space Weather

All things solar. When the KP index hits red, go outside and watch for aurora!
SOHO Solar Observatory

Information and links on light pollution
Interior-Deluxe Lighting on light pollution

In-depth explanation of light pollution
Del Mar Fans & Lighting blog on light pollution

Science news at NASA
Science News at NASA

Indiana Astronomical Society, a central Indiana astronomy club
Indiana Astronomical Society

Planetarium software (free)

Homemade planisphere (or star wheel; print pages 1 & 2)
Uncle Al's Star Wheel

Click here for a printable PDF download.

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