Steve & Debbie Russell's Telescope Clinic

About us

Based in central Indiana, we are stargazers Steve & Debbie Russell. We are here to:

  • share the beauty of the night sky through stargazing events,
  • provide help with understanding & using optical devices, and
  • give presentations to interested groups large or small.

We find that the beauty of the night sky is greater than many of us realize, and the sights are easier to see than we might think. It seems some aspect of God's creation will resonate with each of us, and will refresh us and remind us of God's unfathomable and extravagant creativity. As Psalm 19:1 says, “The heavens declare the glory of God!”

Among those we serve are scout groups, school and church groups, specialized camps for children & adults, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts.

Many people tell us, “I have a telescope at home... don't know how to make it work...” Whatever type of scope you have, we have had one similar and can probably be of some help.  Contact us with comments or if we can enhance your night sky experience!

There is no polite way to bring up this topic – we work for a living we're retired but we still don't want your money. And yes, it's always time to buy a new eyepiece!

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